Ducati Monster S4R Cafe Racer

Ducati Monster S4R Cafe Racer

We saw a lot of different "donor bikes", we started from the most differents model, and sometimes we stopped thinking about if the those motorcycles were really suitable for radical transfomations. These was the question we asked ourselt even this this time, when our friend Pasquale, owner of an amazing Monster S4R, bringed us his motorcycle with the will of transform it in a cafe racer with all the cut and genetical modification there were in need.

I can't hide my passion for Ducati's and the sincere admiration for some specific models, expecially from the Monster "family" of which the S4R rapresent for sure one of the older Sister, intended to preserve a good valout in the future.

But this didn't stop the owner that insisted, so we satisfied him.

This is the base from where we start

and this is the resoult we would like to obtain. we gived 3 possible resoults.



We would like to precise that this render is not our creation, we found an immage in the internet from where we has started changing some colors. Usually we draw our own render, but in this situation it was already done and we taked advantage from it. Actually we are not able to find the author of the original picture but if someone know about it we would like to mention it, so please write it in the comments below.

So, a week ago, we started cutting the gas tank and the frame and these are the first immage of the work in progress.

Follow us to see the rest.

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