Guzzi v75 by ZF Motorcycles

Semplicity and accuracy in details, those are the skills of ZF Motorcycles, we already know them because of the CB400 Brat style and now Francesco (ZF Motorcycles owner) is back with this really nice job. This was an old police motorcycle the has been saved from dust and rust to become the ride af a lucky owner. 

Is not the bike that makes your head turn but is a realy nice piece of Metal that everyone will be happy to have in his garage. Simple lines, not much colors, a small eagle on the tank and a confortable handlebar are the parts i prefer. Tyres also gives a massive aspect to the bike completing its line with the seat that looks really confortable and different from the tipical special bikes we use to see, with those small and slim slice of foam and leather.

Scroll down the page to find the articles used to create this Guzzi V75

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